Lets get this thing started! The Money Making Experiment!

Good afternoon everybody! My name is Tyler Wardley and I am a enthusiastic 18 year old set to help find ways on making money and share the results I gain, giving statistics of how much I make/loss across my journey. I am currently working as an apprentice IT Technician on £3 an hour. I have seen many people online claiming about all the different ways of making money, so I have decided to put them to the test!

The first 2 weeks of this experiment will be done completely online! I will be taking suggestions from all the comments on different techniques I can try but I will be sure to let everybody know exactly what I am doing, how long I am doing it for and how much I make!

I haven’t decided how much money I should Invest into this project, this is why I am going to be leaving it up to you to decide. The reason I need to use this money is for future tests, including buying and selling from auctions.

Can’t wait to hear all your suggestions and I hope you all enjoy this journey just as much as I do!


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