Sorry- Gaining information!

Sorry everybody for going so long without adding a post, we are all experimenting on our different techniques on how to make money and we are trying to gather a lot of information for you all so we can release it and be a head so will will always have daily content for you!

Thanks for your patients!



The beginning of the race! – Tyler

Sorry for the late post everybody but today is the first day off the race! Today i have only used the Qmee website to make money. This is a really fantastic website that pays you for just visiting websites that they recommend. After just browsing the web to find different techniques i made £1.04 from just occasionally clicking on the links that where advertised! I have a lot in store for everybody who follows this blog and i am sure Jamie and Jennifer have their own methods to share for you all!

I will be posting later on tonight as well keeping everybody up to date with what i have made! I will start to post a lot more regularly on every time i try something new!

Keep an eye on the blog to see how we are all doing!


The Race – Tyler, Jamie and Jennifer

So, this website will now be getting run by three different people, Me (Tyler) Jamie and Jennifer! The plan will be out of the three of us who can make £100 purely online first! We all have our own page where we will be posting our own results from the experiment and giving you different views and ideas from different peoples prospective. When each person posts they will include exactly how much time they have spent making the money and on what website/way that they made it. The race will begin on Wednesday 13/5/2015.

Feel free to join us in our quest and leave suggestions on different techniques we can try!



After using Swagbucks for exactly 20 minutes i made 130 swag bucks.

From the image i have posted you can see it cost 525 swagbucks for a £3 amazon gift card. 525 swagbucks will take roughly 80 minutes to complete for £3 which isn’t really that great. Although there are some ways of making a lot more swagbucks ( In the 1000’s ) they usually require you to use real money. Overall – Average


Experiment 1 – The World Wide Web

Good morning everybody! So today will be the first day of me putting the experiment to the test! So for the next two weeks i will be making money with just the power of the internet, i will be starting with an amount of £500 and i will keep everybody updated on a daily biases how well i am doing and the money that i end up with at the end of the day!

So after i finish work i will be getting home and i will start using survey websites for two hours and i will give you in depth details of the websites i used and the average amount i made an hour!

Wish me luck!

Lets get this thing started! The Money Making Experiment!

Good afternoon everybody! My name is Tyler Wardley and I am a enthusiastic 18 year old set to help find ways on making money and share the results I gain, giving statistics of how much I make/loss across my journey. I am currently working as an apprentice IT Technician on £3 an hour. I have seen many people online claiming about all the different ways of making money, so I have decided to put them to the test!

The first 2 weeks of this experiment will be done completely online! I will be taking suggestions from all the comments on different techniques I can try but I will be sure to let everybody know exactly what I am doing, how long I am doing it for and how much I make!

I haven’t decided how much money I should Invest into this project, this is why I am going to be leaving it up to you to decide. The reason I need to use this money is for future tests, including buying and selling from auctions.

Can’t wait to hear all your suggestions and I hope you all enjoy this journey just as much as I do!